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Community Mobilizer


The purpose of this position is to inspire and cultivate overall community engagement and assist in local volunteer recruitment; to raise awareness in health priorities and grant activities and conduct and promote completion of various community-based activities performed in specific zone areas. This position has direct impact on change from a policy, system and environment perspective on establishing strategies that address reducing disparities in health outcomes related to COVID 19 and priority concerns established by the local Community Health Assessment.


This job may include the following job duties and is not an all-inclusive list of all job duties that may be required. Employees will be required to perform other related duties as assigned.

  • Follow zone specific objectives by completing assignments that support the efforts of the project, communications, plans, activities or events.

  • Develop community contact lists, provider and neighborhood leader lists.

  • Design neighborhood-based zone maps.

  • Assist Outreach Specialist in developing outreach strategies and provide input into their implementation.

  • Recruit zone volunteers into groups and make recommendations to Outreach Specialists for appropriate volunteer assignments and skill sets.

  • Assist in facilitating volunteer orientations to project.

  • Facilitate community conversations and listening sessions around priority topics and concerns with relevant stakeholders; primarily their own neighbors.

  • Contribute to and comply with zone specific activity schedule.

  • Collaborate with Zone Coordinator and Project Manager on project needs, such as equipment, supplies and other resource needs.

  • Communicate with other zone team members and community groups about project, event or activity expectations and goals specific to their zones or region-wide via email, virtual and face to face meetings, social media.

  • Participate in regular community group meetings and progress meetings and other required meetings related to the grant.

  • Communicate regularly with Project Manager, Zone Coordinator about questions and concerns that may arise from work within the community.

  • Collect feedback from customers and other project users to gauge satisfaction and success and provide feedback and propose improvements to Project Manager and FTHC management team as needed.

Employee Expectations

  • Exhibit confidentiality, flexibility, accountability and professionalism to all internal and external customers.

  • Perform project activities at a neighborhood or zone level and make adjustments as necessary to ensure they are delivered to specifications and high standards.

  • Complete all assignments according to expectations and timelines. Communicate to Project Manager and Zone Coordinator any discrepancies in performance, time and resources that may detract from completion as expected.

  • Market the project purpose and objectives, inspire volunteers to engage, offer opportunities to serve in group activities related to project within the zone.

  • Contribute information related to challenges and successes to Project Manager and offer frequent feedback to team members and volunteers.

  • Maintain clear, open and honest communications, form working relationships among the team.

  • Communicate progress and anticipate delays to the project manager and other relevant team members and apprise the team on any changes needed in the zone plans.

  • Obtain community feedback and provide updates and recommendations for continuous improvement to Project Manager. 

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